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Precision glass dicing is a core strength of APO. We’ve mastered the art of dicing parts out of large, polished substrates without any resulting edge chips or cosmetic defects on the surfaces of the finished part. With more than 500 sizes of core drills on-hand, APO can save time and tooling for stacking, shaping, and coring of parts for photolithography, semiconductor manufacturing, silicon wafers, IC fabrication, infrared optics, and other applications.

Key Capabilities

  • Length and width: 1mm x 1mm square up to a 6.5” x 12” rectangle
  • Diameter tolerance to +/- 0.0005”
  • Edge-to-image tolerance to +/- 0.0005”
  • Scratch/dig tolerance up to 10/5 on a customer-supplied material
  • More than 500 sizes of core drills in stock, ranging in diameter from 0.50mm to 5”

Precision Dicing/Slicing Equipment

  • (2) MTI saws equipped with vision systems – used to dice multi-imaged plates for which the edge-to-image specs are critical
  • (2) KO-LEE saws – used for commercial toleranced optics