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Angstron Precision Optics provides double-side grinding and polishing of UV, Visible, and IR components including wafers, windows, and mirrors. We are proud to now offer laser grade super-polished wafers to less than 4 angstroms RMS surface roughness, at a standard grade price. To ensure the best performance, optical quality is measured using our Zygo New View 7200.

Key Capabilities

  • Size: < 330mm diameter
  • Flatness: < 1/30 wave at 632nm
  • Parallelism: < 0.5 arc sec
  • Surface Cosmetics: < 5-2 SD
  • Surface Roughness: < 5 Å
  • Minimum Thickness: 0.2mm
  • Maximum Diagonal: 480mm
  • Minimum Diagonal: 1mm

Double-Side Polishing Equipment

  • (3) 16B Speedfams
  • (1) 9B Speedfam
  • (10) PR-1