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APO can drill and shape custom optics to precise specifications. We recently invested in 4 brand new CNC machines, allowing us to meet the requirements of virtually any optical design. We specialize in core drilling of multi-imaged plates to the complex shaping of precision polished optics, without damaging the finished surface.

APO continues to expand its CNC capabilities. We work closely with OptiPro, staying at the forefront of technology and training.

Key Capabilities

  • Scratch/dig tolerance of 10/5 on a customer-supplied finished material that needs CNC shaping
  • Recommend layouts to maximize yield, speed delivery and cut cost
  • More than 500 sizes of core drills in stock, ranging in diameter from 0.50mm to 5in
  • Quick turnaround—typically 2 days to 2 weeks –for precision machining projects using supplied or in-stock material

CNC Machines

  • Akira Jr.
  • Akira 2.5
  • Akira 4.0
  • Mori Seiki
  • Haas TMO