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Welcome to Angstrom Precision Optics Inc.

How It’s Made Matters


APO is proud to be a leading global manufacturer of high quality precision optical and photonic components. With over 30 years of optics experience, we have the expertise to support customers in a range of fields.


Specializing in uncommon materials such as germanium, APO provides precision optical windows, mirrors, optical filters, and other custom optical components that cover the full spectral wavelength range (UV, Deep UV, Visible, IR). We also offer expert services in CNC machining, glass dicing, and polishing.


The APO team is committed to pursuing the best opportunities for customers, from prototype custom optics to high volume production. Often we can turn your components around in as little as 2 weeks.


What you can expect from APO:

  • State-of-the-art metrology and manufacturing capabilities, coupled with proven procedures and experience
  • Expertise for a range of industries, from the submicroscopic to the depths of space exploration
  • Long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, working with our customers as strategic partners